The best TV under £500: cheap 4K UHD and full HD


UHD 4K and full-HD with HDR TVs for rooms, recreations rooms and more tightly spending plans with huge screens at little costs

Would you be able to get an extraordinary TV for under £500? You’ll be satisfied to know, the appropriate response is, ‘Truly, and in actuality here is a purchasers guide of every one of my top picks in that value section.’ Welcome, my companions, to the Best TVs under £500.

You may need to endure a shot as far as the style, associations and fabricate nature of the TV, however for under £500 you can get a TV flaunting 4K UHD goals and HDR for pictures that extremely pop. Or on the other hand you could make due with a full HD TV to use in your room or somewhere else.

Main concern: you don’t need to do without all the toys on the off chance that you need a more reasonable television. From Ambilight temperament lighting to 50-inch boards, what was at one time the safeguard of the upper and midrange has made it down the 4K natural way of life.

At the point when the Black Friday bargains begin taking off, you should see additionally slices to the costs here, as merchants prepare for fresher TVs. Televisions under £1000 could see slices sufficiently huge to carry them into the sub-£500 section. Leader, £1,500+ UHD OLED, LED and QLED Best 4K TVs ought to likewise observe value clips. What an opportunity to be a TV purchaser.

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For picture quality and in general perfection, my pick of the gogglebox deals is the Philips 43PUS6262/05.

For sheer an incentive for cash, it’s additionally difficult to beat the Hisense N5300 territory, and the 50-incher is currently under £500. As far as inches-per-pound, that is difficult to beat.

Obviously, the consistently fluctuating nature of costs implies that the best TV under £500 can change, as somewhat more seasoned TVs that were in the £500-£1000 section get marked down. So watch out for our other TV purchasing guides also.


So what would it be a good idea for you to search for when purchasing a shoddy 4K TV, and what bargains would you be able to hope to make?

Screen sizes clearly shift significantly, contingent upon brand and cost. A developing number of producers are currently pushing out littler (40-43-inch) boards to take care of blasting demand. Simply don’t hope to see a colossal bounce in goals over Full HD at this size.

There’s an unconquerable connection between screen goals and review remove that implies at a typical TV seeing separation, you’re probably not going to profit by those additional pixels. Venture up to 50-inches or something like that however and you’ll start to welcome the additional lucidity that UHD can offer.

All TVs deserving at least some respect are net associated, by means of Wi-Fi or ethernet. Make sure the brilliant stage on your favored set offers what you require as far as get up to speed TV and gushing administrations. It’s likewise worth twofold watching that your shortlisted set has enough HDMI ports for your diversions reassures, Blu-beam players and set best boxes – this is a region where bargains are regularly made to get the retail cost down.

Freeview Play is a convenient reward as it fills in as both your program direct looking forward and furthermore lets you consistently dig into get up to speed TV that you may have missed, without expecting to stack up discrete applications.

HDR (High powerful Range) similarity is a reward, albeit 350-nit, section level sets normally won’t be sufficiently brilliant to astonish with phantom features similarly a 800-nit Überpanel will.

Alright, prepared to purchase? We should go window shopping.


1. PHILIPS 43PUS6262/05

Best TV under £500, finish with HDR 10 and UHD 4K


Screen estimate: 43-inchesOther sizes accessible: 55-inchHDR: HDR10HDMI: 3USB: 2Dimensions: 971 x 575 x 77mm

Motivations TO BUY

+Two-sided Ambilight light show

+Freeview Play

Motivations TO AVOID

– Not ultra brilliant



Consolidating UHD goals with Philips’ protected Ambilight state of mind lighting, this profoundly moderate 6 Series Philips TV is a certain fire swarm pleaser. While I’d anticipate that 2160p goals will move down the value extend, it’s decent to see Ambilight at such a reasonable cost.

The set’s plan is complain free, with a thin bezel and basic, rather plasticky, platform. A clicky IR remote and quadcore processor consolidate to offer simple route, while Philips’ very own Smart Portal offers an assortment of spilling redirections, driven by the universal Netflix.

And three HDMI contributions, there’s a computerized optical yield to nourish a soundbar or other AV framework.

The best part is that picture quality is brilliant at the cost, with fresh Pixel Plus UHD detail and punchy differentiate. The set perceives a HDR10 flag when it sees it, and utilizations Philips possess HDR Plus to adequately tone delineate the best outcomes. Suggested.

2. HISENSE H50N5300

Best 50-inch UHD TV under £500


Screen measure: 50-inchesOther sizes accessible: 43-inch, 55-inch, 65-inchHDR: NoHDMI: 3USB: 2Dimensions: 719 x 1129 x 256 mm

Motivations TO BUY

+A part of TV for your buck

+Freeview Play

+Neat keen stage, with Netflix and Amazon

Motivations TO AVOID

– No HDR



Chinese TV goliath Hisense is penetrating the UK TV scene with some enticing televisions for the tight of tote. Could the financial plan kind sized board, the N5300 be its greatest standard dealer yet?

Unquestionably, this super-saver looks like it. You get a ton of screen for very little money, and it shows up reasonably attired for a sub-£500 trolly-dash, with a Freeview Play tuner (landing through over-the-air firmware refresh before the finish of September), the brand’s own Vidaa Lite brilliant OS, which is pleasingly moderate, and an a solid variety of spilling applications, including Netflix 4K, Amazon Video, YouTube and Wuaki TV.

Like others in this guide, the board is standard 8-bit, and not wide shading. It’s likewise SDR (Standard Dynamic Range as it were). Be that as it may, given the screen estimate, we’re not griping.

There are three HDMI contributions, in addition to a possibility for part connect for heritage outfit. Sound comes through dbx-television handling innovation, with virtual encompass sound, yet there’s an optical computerized yield for a soundbar if the locally available sound framework doesn’t move you.

3. LG 43UJ670V

Best Smart TV stage under £500


Screen estimate: 43-inchesOther sizes accessible: 49-inch, 55-inch, 65-inchHDR: HDR10, HLGHDMI: 4USB: 2Dimensions: 974 x 571 x 79 mm

Motivations TO BUY

+Excellent webOS stage

+Freeview Play

+HDR HLG perfect

Motivations TO AVOID

Smallish screen measure



Shop shrewdly and you’ll locate this high-spec 43-incher for a sniff under £500. It accompanies HDR-encouraged 4K visuals and LG’s properly appraised webOS 3.5 keen stage – just you and an interactive bar, that is our kinda night in.

The set likewise flaunts a Freeview Play tuner, with coordinated standard make up for lost time. Gushing applications incorporate Netflix 4K, Amazon Video, YouTube and Now TV.

The IPS board utilized here means you’ll appreciate great off-edge seeing. For the best dark level execution, see in a stay with some surrounding light, as opposed to full dim room conditions. A complexity sponsor gives a lift to SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) sources.

The set backings standard HDR10 and HLG, in spite of the fact that there’s no indication of Dolby Vision, which is supported higher up the LG go. Ultra Luminance, a nearby darkening system, is utilized to boost crest features.

Configuration adds up to a ultra thin bezel and bended platform stand, yet I like it. To take advantage of the incorporated sound framework, a DSP processor offers virtual encompass impacts. Network is strong, with four HDMI inputs, a heritage AV association, in addition to a computerized optical sound yield.

With everything taken into account, a considerable 4K bundle at the cost tag.

4. SAMSUNG 40MU6120

Most attractive 4K TV under £500


Screen measure: 40-inchesOther sizes accessible: 50-inch, 58-inch, 65-inchHDR: HDR10HDMI: 3USB: 2Dimensions: 904 x 520 x 54 mm

Motivations TO BUY

+HDR similarity

Solid application bolster

Motivations TO AVOID

– 40-inches is viewed as little, nowadays

– No Freeview Play



In more upmarket circles, Samsung is about QLED, its metal-covered promoting option in contrast to OLED. Be that as it may, look additionally down the range, and it’s unmistakable the brand hasn’t deserted the standard purchaser.

This 6 Series screen joins better than expected great looks with a detail that is immovably front aligned; in addition to the fact that this is 2160p set HDR empowered, it offers voice usefulness by means of the thin remote.

It’s a 8-bit board (standard at the spending end of the market), however Samsung offers a pile of shading improvements, named Active Crystal Color innovation, to truly make tones pop.

Plan shrewd it’s on-slant, with a thin bezel, hairline complete and precise platform. Associated usefulness is through the brand’s 2017 center, which offers YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Video among other spilling applications. The TV additionally underpins cell phone to screen reflecting, and DLNA media playback.

Sound is through two descending terminating speakers, with 20W of intensification. There’s a trio of HDMIs, in addition to an optical yield for an outer advanced sound framework. Little, yet consummately framed.

5. SONY KDL-40RE453

Best full HD TV with HDR under £500


Screen estimate: 40-inchesHDR: HDR10HDMI: 2USB: 2Dimensions: 910 x 543 x 70mm

Motivations TO BUY

+HDR for barely anything

+Decent pictures at the cost

+Especially useful for gamers

Motivations TO AVOID

– Two HDMIs is somewhat 2007

– Fairly particularly went for PS4 proprietors



For most purchasers, 4K and HDR are synonymous, yet it is conceivable to have HDR on a lower goals, full HD TV. Television brands are as yet hoping to keep up enthusiasm for 1080p, and one approach to do as such is by incorporating HDR bolster in littler, less expensive screens. Sony was the first to offer HDR on HD, however this year will likewise observe Panasonic participate. It’s very nearly a pattern.

Where HD HDR bodes well is for PlayStation 4 (non Pro) proprietors, as the machine bolsters HDR without additional goals.

Plan insightful the KDL-40RE453 is, at the very least, harmless and could even be portrayed as very sharp. The thin bezel outline has an artificial aluminum complete that I rather like, coupled to a non-unstable focal platform.

In any case, why choose a HDR HD screen more than 4K, you may well inquire? Aside from the reality you ought to have the capacity to spare a couple of quid – in spite of the fact that not an assurance given how modest 4K TVs are getting – there’s additionally an issue of splendor. On a little screen TV it might be hard to see the additional goals of 4K sources except if you sit close, yet the bigger pixels on a HD screen will normally tend to look more splendid than a screen with four times the pixel thickness.

A 50Hz board, the RE45 highlights a fundamental level of movement taking care of (evaluated Motionflow XR 400 Hz by Sony), however looks reasonably filmic. Sony’s constantly solid X-Reality PRO picture handling is close by to lift detail.

Associations are somewhat restricted, as a matter of fact – only two HDMI inputs, a couple of USBs (one a quick v3 for timeshifting onto an outside USB hard drive), and an advanced optical sound yield – yet that is not stunning at this cost.

By and large, the RE45 is a charming choice, particularly for PS4 gamers looking to squeeze most extreme picture execution from HDR recreations, for least money. Give it a gander – however watch out for those collapsing UHD costs as well…

• Sony likewise joins HDR with 1080p on the littler, 32-inch KDL-32RE403.

6. TOSHIBA 55U6763DB

Strangely shoddy 55-inch 4K advertising


Screen estimate: 55-inchesOther sizes accessible: 43-inch, 49-inch, 65-inchHDR: NoHDMI: 4USB: 3Dimensions: 965 x 560 x 89mm

Motivations TO BUY

+Tempting sticker price

+Freeplay with shrewd entryway

Motivations TO AVOID

– No HDR or wide shading array

When a noteworthy power in the UK TV advertise, Toshiba went on a holiday when the going got intense. Presently the brand is back, but under the stewardship of assembling goliath Vestel, and it’s spewing some intriguing 4K UHD sets into the sub-£500 blend.

The set may need HDR similarity, however it is a 4K (2160p) goals television for under 300 quid, yet it. If you don’t mind take note of that an approaching variation (43V6763DB) will include HDR10, however apparently for more dosh.

The speaker yield is evaluated at 20W aggregate, yet you’ll most likely likewise need to couple it with a minimal effort soundbar or soundbase. Availability is great, be that as it may, with four HDMIs, three USBs and even a Scart for those with dusty old heritage pack.

This 4K cheapie offers a scope of keen applications, politeness of the Toshiba Smart Portal, which looks much the same as the brilliant gateway likewise observed on Hitachi associated TVs. Spilling administrations incorporate Netflix and Youtube; there’s likewise a Screen Share Miracasting, so you can toss JPEGs from a cell phone onto the screen.

There’s Freeview Play as well, which offers full mix of the fundamental make up for lost time TV administrations by means of a move back EPG. Those on an extremely tight spending plan could do more terrible.


Rehashed value cuts have left this as an undeniable deal


Screen estimate: 50-inchesOther sizes accessible: 40-inch, 65-inchHDR: HDR10HDMI: 3USB: 3Dimensions: 1115x647x40 mm

Motivations TO BUY

+Superb keen entry Inventive

+High-quality structure

Motivations TO AVOID

– You’ll need a soundbar

– Only three HDMIs



Panasonic’s mid-run EX700 territory is accessible in screen sizes somewhere in the range of 40-and 65-inches. The 50-inch TX-50EX700B sits in the sweetspot. It was the most reasonable 4K HDR offering in Panasonic’s TV line-up a year ago, and it is presently as shabby as £500-worth of chips.

Notwithstanding that, the spec is, exceptionally great. The EX700 flaunts powerful picture preparing for smooth movement, and joins Bright Panel innovation with wide shading array for a remarkable shading execution with punchy differentiate. A HDR Brightness Enhancer give pictures genuine pop.

Fabricate quality and configuration are best in class. The set flaunts a metal edge, and the bended stand can be either set to the full width of the TV, or utilized in a smaller check to fit a table best – what Panasonic calls ‘Switch Design’. The platform can likewise be turned around, contingent upon which style you incline toward.

Associations incorporate three HDMIs (all HDCP 2.2 agreeable), a trio of USBs and part/composite inheritance AV inputs.

The keen stage, Panasonic’s My Home Screen 2.0, is truly outstanding out there. It’s negligible yet very much prepared, offering Netflix, Amazon Video and YouTube in 4K. The set additionally has a Freeview Play tuner, with full make up for lost time larder.

A (moderately) premium screen at a low cost, in short. Stall out in.






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