Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 review: this portable powerhouse


The new S Pen has a more slender 0.7mm tip, while the tablet takes signs from Galaxy telephones


Samsung’s new Android tablet is a dazzling gadget that takes the battle to Apple’s 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

Motivations TO BUY


Delightful AMOLED show


Great specs


S Pen by and large pro

Motivations TO AVOID

Tab S2 enough for most

Constrained bass

Samsung reported two tablets at Mobile World Congress (MWC) back in February – the new Android 7.0 Nougat-pressing Galaxy Tab S3 and the Galaxy Book – a Windows 10 convertible 2 of every 1.

The Galaxy Tab S3 flaunts a determination that is near Apple’s 9.7-inch iPad Pro and has a value point to coordinate that – it is anything but a contender to the fundamental new iPad, which all the more equally coordinates with the Galaxy Tab S2.

The Galaxy Tab S3 flaunts a 9.7-inch QXGA Super AMOLED show which underpins HDR content (Samsung has collaborated with Amazon Instant Video and says the gadget is planned in view of amusement) and another S Pen with a littler 0.7mm tip.

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Undoubtedly, the S Pen is the thing that makes the new Tab S3 a superior esteem star tablet than the 9.7-inch iPad Pro – the S Pen is packaged with the tablet, making this an all the more enticing recommendation as a gadget on which to grasp written by hand notes and outline out thoughts utilizing a weight and tilt-touchy stylus.

Being used, the S Pen is super (we don’t figure you can tell that it’s considerably more delicate, it was to a great degree touchy previously). It slides into a circle working on it, yet we do lean toward it when stylii are attractive so they can connect to the side of the screen. There is additionally an exceptional version S Pen – a Staedtler Norris uncommon release, intended to resemble the renowned pencil.


Plus or minus a couple of millimeters, the S3’s measurements are near those of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. It gauges somewhat less than Apple’s tablet, yet by close to a most extreme of 10 grams, contingent upon whether you go for the Wi-Fi or 4G demonstrate. The S3 bolsters 802.11ac Wi-Fi in addition to 2.4GHz and 5GHz systems, yet additionally works with more established models, so you can continue utilizing your old switch.

Samsung obviously puts some idea into the compactness of embellishments, not simply its fundamental gadgets, and one thing for which it merits applaud is the USB travel charger for the UK. Our nation’s three-stick plug configuration is a headache for us where versatility is concerned, yet the prongs of Samsung’s charger smooth down into an all the more satisfying generally speaking shape.

Back to the S3 itself, however: a reward of its structure is that its body is made of glass. Lifting it up while cool is a less chilling knowledge than the metal back of an iPad, for instance. Similarly as unappealing, however, is the tablet’s 6mm slimness, which can end up awkward on the off chance that you get a handle on it around the tablet’s left or right edge for an extensive stretch of time. Similarly as with numerous different tablets, in the event that you’ll frequently hold the S3 in that way, we propose purchasing a case to build it up only a bit.

Samsung’s position of the wake/rest and volume catches along a similar edge isn’t perfect in case you’re changing from an iPad or another tablet on which they are part between opposite sides; we discovered it rather too simple to press the previous catch coincidentally when needing to modify the volume, however it’s something that you’ll conform to in time.


Additionally like the iPad Pro there are four speakers, this time tuned by Harman’s AKG (its logo is even on the back), The gadget is appraised at 0.64W.

On that note, Samsung’s showcasing of the S3 makes a considerable measure of clamor about its four-speaker sound framework – as it ought to on a gadget that you’re probably going to use for video, music, or both.

The speakers are organized around the four corners of the gadget, empowering them to convey persuading stereo sound paying little respect to whether you hold the tablet in picture or scene introduction. It’s a huge advantage to excitement, not minimum for activity motion pictures and particular kinds of diversion.

The speakers can direct out really noisy sounds as well, yet it’s not all uplifting news: their general quality is simply sufficient. Where we’ve utilized an iPad Pro, which has a similar quad-speaker course of action, as a substitute without a room-filling sound framework for music, we would be disappointed with utilizing the S3 for that.

Its bass yield feels limp to non-existent, even on tracks that ought to be immersed with it, and it is anything but a decent sign at all that we needed to stick on a couple of good earphones even in the protection of our home.

You have a lot of choices for interfacing earphones, on account of a 3.5mm jack and additionally the vitality effective Bluetooth 4.2 standard.

With regards to visuals, the S3 is a long way from disillusioning. The goals of its Super AMOLED show is 2048 x 1536 pixels – a correct counterpart for each of the 9.7-inch iPads going back to 2012. That sounds old cap, yet it’s fine by and by, and the screen tech conveys a punchy and sharp picture. The Tab S3’s AMOLED show is fresh, splendid and vivid.

The S3 guarantees something a little uncommon where video is worried, as help for HDR content, which can make scenes look more characteristic on account of expanded detail in features and shadows. For the time being, however, this component is restricted to content in Amazon’s Prime Video application.

Despite the fact that HDR video is something of an irregularity from video suppliers in general, it’s disillusioning that it’s inaccessible from Netflix, which has been gushing such substance to good TVs for a long time now.


With regards to less unmistakable tech specs, the S3 doesn’t frustrate – which it shouldn’t, given there’s 4GB of memory and a quad-center processor locally available.

We felt no indications of drowsiness as we moved around the framework and bounced between applications. The 4GB designation is double the sum found in Apple’s 9.7-inch Pro tablet – it’s no big surprise the S3 is nippy!

The S3’s 32GB of worked away matches the sum you get in a section level iPad Pro, and Samsung has decided on the adaptability of a microSD opening that backings card limits up to 256GB, so there’s a lot of space for extension later on, if your necessities develop.

The Tab S3 additionally has a different console that uses a stick interface like the iPad Pro (and Surface Pro before it). USB Type-C is utilized for charging. The packaged link has USB-An at the PC end for simplicity of availability.

Cosmic system TAB S3 S PEN

With the S3 being an iPad Pro adversary, it’s not about latent satisfaction. Samsung furnishes a S Pen with it, which you can use for everything from attracting straightforward portrayals to taking notes, and making guileful artful culminations. It’s shorter than Apple’s occasionally inconvenient inclination Pencil, and 9mm thick at its most extensive point. It likewise avoids its opponent’s copying of a conventional composition device by having a somewhat smoothed shape, with a secure that calls customisable easy routes on one of the compliment edges.

One of the S Pen’s advantages over the iPad Pro’s Pencil (which costs an additional £99 over the tablet’s cost) is that you don’t need to energize it now and again. In spite of the fact that as a matter of fact a little reward, given Apple’s device can rapidly recapture a helpful measure of charge, it implies the S Pen won’t quit working at a clumsy minute, and you can overlook checking a battery level marker and spotlight on the main job, not whether your advanced device is going to disappoint you.

Another extremely welcome element is the S Pen’s worked in clasp for appending it to a pocket. This is everything except a need, given there’s no break in the S3’s body in which to store the stylus. Be that as it may, it satisfies related to the S Pen’s length, which is short enough that numerous pockets will effectively suit it. Interestingly, there isn’t a clasp on Apple’s Pencil, nor is its length so effortlessly pocketable.

There are a few disadvantages however, to a great extent identified with utilizing the S Pen as an illustration apparatus. The tip of its nib estimates an engaging meager 0.7mm over, and Samsung says the pen bolsters 4,096 levels of weight affectability – which is as hard to recognize as it sounds. Inertness between your developments being converted into on-screen points of interest shifts between applications, yet in the most ideal situation it’s short, with our penmanship negligibly trailing our activities.

Some applications recognize how you’re tilting the pen, empowering you to accomplish distinctive impacts in your manifestations. In any case, the nib’s length and the thickness of the pen’s neck imply that you can tilt just a short route before the last brushes against the screen, breaking the contact between the nib and the screen.

At last, that is because of the S Pen’s plan looking like precisely what its name recommends; as a ballpoint pen held in a more upright introduction, it’s agreeable and sufficiently exact for taking notes and making basic portrayals, however in case you’re of a more imaginative twisted, an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and a reasonable designs application will make for an all the more fulfilling background.

Samsung says this variant of the S Pen feels and states “simply like your most loved ballpoint”. Without a doubt, we thought that it was charming as an approach to take notes, however again when drawing, we found the feeling of grinding between the nib and the glass surface felt stickier than with Apple’s Pencil, which coasts over its tablet. That turned out to be clearly evident when utilizing distinctive illustration devices, as the grinding started to act as a burden, breaking what little suspension of mistrust can be assembled when utilizing a computerized pen.

None of these things are ruinous to the S3’s S Pen understanding; it’s exceptionally agreeable for making notes, regardless of whether that is in a formal gathering, a calmly jotting a shopping list, or investigating advanced illustration apparatuses as a flat out amateur. It’s less fulfilling than the Apple elective as an illustration or representation device, however, and if that will be the primary concern you do with your tablet, and in case you’re

The Galaxy Tab S3 is likewise perfect with Samsung Flow – a cross-stage application that empowers you to push data, pictures and connections between your gadgets. It’s fairly similar to Pushbullet, on the off chance that you’ve at any point utilized that. It’ll be exceptionally valuable for Galaxy proprietors (of any gadget) to drive stuff crosswise over to their PC and the other way around.

Application insightful, there’s bounty pre-stacked, with all the key Google applications and additionally Samsung’s key application suite like Samsung Notes. What’s more, on the off chance that you have Office 365, at that point the Microsoft Office applications are likewise pre-stacked.


The Tab S3 is a tablet and stylus combo that needs to fulfill every one of your needs, from excitement to portraying and composing notes. At the point when utilized for basic notes and drawing, the S Pen is for the most part extraordinary. Our solitary significant grasps are around the distinction in responsiveness of the S Pen in different applications, the absence of bass and that the touch-touchy catch that opens the application switcher is irritatingly simple to thump. In any case, by and large, the Galaxy Tab S3 is a superb tablet that truly looks like it. It’s a commendable rival to the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, one of our best tablets.

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