Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review a premium hitting 2019


The Samsung Note 9 trickles with a level of premium and capacity that makes it a standout amongst other Android telephones accessible


The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a very useful, include pressed, and premium Android cell phone. In case you’re looking for a lead level new telephone, and can bear the cost of its high value point, at that point you should consider it as a real part of your best contenders.

Motivations TO BUYSpecialized exhibit6.4-inch Super AMOLED screen is shockingSound is top draw, with Dolby Atmos and UHQ upscalingExtensive Samsung programming suiteMotivations TO AVOID4,000mAh battery is just aggressive, not championBixby AI colleague is still certainly a work in advancementCostly, notwithstanding for the section demonstrate

Welcome to T3’s full, featured, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 audit. This is the summit of my weeks-long checking on process that has seen me examine all aspects of the lead handset, all with the end goal to check whether it is the best Android telephone on the planet, and additionally in the event that it does what’s needed to enter our lofty best cell phone purchasing guide.

This full Samsung Note 9 audit, thusly, covers each part of the handset, and is separated into the center scoring areas of plan and manufacture quality, equipment and screen, camera and S Pen, battery and sound, and additionally Bixby AI associate, highlights and OS.

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Along these lines, to see whether the Note 9 is superior to anything Samsung’s other 2018 leader telephones, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, and in addition in the event that it can fight off wild difficulties from adversary gadgets like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, read on.

First up, however, I’ll cover the Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s value, models, and accessibility.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 cost is £899 ($1,000) for the passage level model, and £1,099 ($1,250) for the best spec display.

The two models are specced indistinguishably beside the included RAM and inward storage room, with the base model pressing 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage room, and the best spec display accompanying 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage room.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is accessible in three colourways, Midnight Black, Ocean Blue (the model inspected), and Lavendar Purple.

The new Galaxy Note 9 is accessible to purchase from an assortment of retailers, including Samsung’s legitimate online store, John Lewis, Amazon, Currys PC World, Carphone Warehouse, and Selfridges.

Samsung are at present running an advancement where you can exchange certain telephones to get a rebate on requesting the Note 9. Model value conclusions extend from – £400 for a Galaxy Note 8 64GB, – £350 for an iPhone 7 128GB, and – £100 for a Pixel 2 128GB. Numerous more telephones are incorporated, as well, from a scope of creators.


Open the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 box and the principal thing you see while lifting the telephone out of its inside support is exactly how thick the gadget feels in the hand.

Regardless of its slimline structure, with its aggregate measurements estimating in at 161.9 x 76.4 x 8.8 mm, the Note 9 not the slightest bit feels light, plasticky or empty, which a couple of different leads have done in 2018 with disappointing outcomes.

Take a gander at the spec sheet, however, and that excellent fondle is upheld by a generous 201-gram weight, which even exceeds specialized form quality pioneers like the HTC U12 Plus, which itself felt extremely premium in the hand.

The additional weight could come civility of the gadget’s amplified 4,000 mAh battery, which is far bigger in limit than its predecessor’s, which was only 3,300 mAh.

Adversary producers’ earnest attempts at a superior look and feel are overwhelmed by the new Galaxy Note 9

This blend of slenderness and thickness implies the Note 9 just oozes quality regarding feel, while its trickling with-luxury 6.4-inch Infinity Display (more on that tomorrow) finishes the bundle – equal creators’ earnest attempts at an exceptional look and feel are overwhelmed by the new Galaxy Note 9.

Truly, the Note 9 does look and feel like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and in the event that you put the telephones next to each other screen up then they are about indistinguishable to take a gander at.

In any case, when you draw near up, and particularly when you clock the re-situated unique mark peruser on the backplate, which is currently situated beneath the camera focal points instead of on their right side, the little upgrades Samsung has made on this new Note turn out to be more apparent.

As far as physical design of the catches and stylus port, which currently houses the better than ever form of Samsung’s S Pen, it is the same old thing. Same, as well, with the gadget’s earphone jack (truly, Samsung keeps on resisting the pattern on the remote just sound push) and SIM card/microSD card space, which stays on the upper left of the telephone.

As far as edge, the Note 9 includes a brushed metal outside casing that converges close consistently with the telephone’s Gorilla Glass screen and backplate. This feels smooth and cool under the skin, and is just hindered by the Note 9’s different ports and cooling/sound vents.

Finally, an extra point to note about the Note 9’s manufacture quality is that the gadget is additionally IP68 water and residue safe, which for a gadget that expenses almost £900 in its base arrangement are characteristics that are certainly generally welcome. Not the slightest bit should this gadget like this at any point come into contact with water, or substantial heaps of residue, yet it feels great to realize that the telephone has this official affirmation in its locker.


Notwithstanding each one of those tales about adversary parts creators snapping at Samsung’s foot rear areas in the development of AMOLED shows, the 6.4-inch Super AMOLED introduced on the Note 9 reminds you, in the event that anything, that those contenders are still roads behind the South Korean producer.

The 18:5:9 Infinity Display on the Note 9 is, basically, an undeniable shocker and the best cell phone screen on the planet at this moment.

Its super size, regardless of the abhor heaved by expansive telephone naysayers, is a thing of iPhone-beating magnificence, with its rich and dynamic shading generation, solid brilliance, high-goals (1,440 x 2,960, 516 ppi) picture sharpness, HDR support, and lavish bended glass completely wrecking the opposition.

The Note 9’s screen’s loyalty, liveliness, and land are just unparalleled.

I thought the screen on a year ago’s Note 8 was extremely solid, and the unit introduced on the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus similarly dazzling, however the somewhat taller board settled into the Note 9 is – possibly – the best of the parcel. Its loyalty, energy, and land are basically unparalleled.

From gushing HDR motion pictures from Netflix, to getting a charge out of two or three rounds of serious hand-to-hand battle in Dragon Ball Legends, to perusing the fine, fine substance on, and onto taking notes and taking some time out to pen some epic delineations with the Note 9’s S Pen advanced stylus, this current telephone’s screen makes it a flat out delight.

As far as equipment, the Note 9 is straight up there as far as 2018’s lead Android telephones, and unquestionably at Samsung’s very own similar level Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus leaders, which both vacuumed up 5 stars from when we evaluated it.

The new section level spec Galaxy Note comes pressing a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, 128GB of storage room (a 512GB adaptation costs more), 6GB of RAM (this is expanded to 8GB on the 512GB stockpiling model), and a 4,000 mAh battery.

Running the telephone through GeekBench 4, as you would expect, it returned extremely sound scores, indenting 3,750 out of a solitary center test, and 9,016 in multi-center. These are scores that, OnePlus 6 aside, are best of the Android tree. What’s more, perhaps with the additional 2GB of RAM introduced on the higher-spec Note 9, the outright lord.

The Note 9 concretes the arrangement’s notoriety for being a specialized pioneer in the cell phone field.

As far as RAM, CPU, and capacity this analyzes either indistinguishably or, comparably to a large number of the current year’s best lead telephones, including the Sony Xperia XZ2, OnePlus 6, HTC U12 Plus, and LG G7 ThinQ, while ostensibly beating a year ago’s iPhone X easily on paper.

A year ago’s Galaxy Note 8 was a comparative specialized powerhouse, as you would anticipate from a telephone that has a legacy of specialized perfection (possibly beside the Galaxy Note 7 and its battery issues), and keeping in mind that you could contend that the Note 9 doesn’t convey a spec that ventures strongly into the future, it delivers an incredible all-round bundle.

As you would anticipate from such a leader review inward equipment suite, utilizing the Note 9 is a fast, liquid ordeal: I encountered zero back off or slack while opening and utilizing applications, playing amusements, exchanging use modes, (for example, when utilizing the S Pen), downloading substance and perusing the web.

To be straightforward that level of execution should totally not out of the ordinary at £899, however.

Generally speaking, at that point, the Note 9 is a specialized juggernaut as far as screen and inside equipment, with the gadget establishing the arrangement’s notoriety for being a specialized pioneer in the cell phone field.


On the off chance that you need to have a smart thought of how the Note 9’s camera framework performs you should look to the Galaxy S9, which it has acquired its double opening back camera highlights from.

The Note 9 includes a support of 12MP back camera focal points and a solitary 8MP front camera focal point.

The double opening back setup enables the Note 9 to switch between a f/1.5 gap for low-light photography, and afterward a f/2.4 gap for standard lighting conditions, giving the telephone astounding flexibility when shooting, particularly when conditions get cloudy or dull, or when the light is level.

The auxiliary back camera on the back of the Note 9 likewise comes pressing a 2x optical zoom, taking into consideration some really better than average zoomed in, fax style shots. Both back cameras come pressing optical picture adjustment which I find most helpful when hauling out the telephone to take speedy previews.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera tests

Moving round to the front of the Note 9, the 8MP front camera presently comes stacked with a first for the Note arrangement, a forward looking camera with self-adjust, which on the off chance that anything misuses the other major new development this year, the Bluetooth-pressing S Pen computerized stylus (more on that soon).

As far as shooting modes it is nothing new for Samsung, with a dump truck-heap of shooting alternatives accessible, including Auto, Pro, Panorama, Live Focus, Super Slow Motion (960 fps at 720p) and AR Emoji/Selfie. There’s additionally another scene-optimiser worked in which can naturally alter pictures as far as hues, sharpness, and complexity.

AR Emoji, which was such a major play on the Samsung Galaxy S9 arrangement, is back on the Note 9 yet now with a couple of additional symbol customisation alternatives.

As should be obvious from the picture beneath, making your AR Emoji with the Note 9’s camera framework is super simple, with you essentially plonking your face in a catch circle, at that point sitting back for 5 seconds while the framework constructs your virtual you.

Similarly as with the S9, however, the outcomes from my exploring background stay crude and excessively nonexclusive that what I would in a perfect world need. For reasons unknown the framework continued making me look like David Duchovny, which while not an awful thing, seemed to feature the restrictions of the framework. I additionally got a couple of partners here at T3 to make symbols, as well, and they were similarly crude too.

At any rate the procedure is quick, however, and when you’ve made your symbol they are then added to your emoticon list in the Note 9’s menu framework meaning you can without much of a stretch call upon them and embed them into messages.

In conclusion, while the Note 9 offers numerous video recording choices as far as goals and edge rate, with the telephone besting out at 4K, 60fps, it doesn’t bolster HDR recording like, say, the Sony Xperia XZ2. It’s super moderate movement recording ability, as well, stays noteworthy, with film capturable at 960fps at a 720p goals, that is likewise beaten by the XZ2’s 960fps at 1080p account capacities.

Generally speaking, however, I think it reasonable for say the Note 9 is an image taking, video-recording powerhouse, offering a plenty of shooting choices and modes that will interest telephone and camera lovers in equivalent measure.

One of the extraordinary weapons that the Note arrangement has had in its ordnance for a considerable length of time is its incorporation of a stylus. Also, in the Note 9, Samsung has taken the stylus to a higher new level, that uniquely isolates it even from a year ago’s Galaxy Note 8.

This time round the stylus has in-manufactured Bluetooth, which takes into account some pretty darn perfect alternate routes, including the capacity to open the camera application and take pictures remotely (incredible for selfies and wide-selfies; see underneath picture) from up to 30 feet away.

One of the special weapons that the Note arrangement has had in its ordnance for a considerable length of time is its consideration of a stylus. What’s more, in the Note 9, Samsung has taken the stylus to a higher new level, that uniquely isolates it even from a year ago’s Galaxy Note 8.

This time round the stylus has in-constructed Bluetooth, which takes into consideration some pretty darn perfect alternate routes, including the capacity to open the camera application and take pictures remotely (incredible for selfies and wide-selfies; see beneath picture) from up to 30 feet away.

You can flip the camera remotely, as well, and furthermore begin and quit recording video.

You can likewise utilize the S Pen to begin and stop sound tracks, with me effectively ready to delay the Guardian Football Weekly digital broadcast remotely, and furthermore peruse through photographs and PowerPoint slides.

Every one of these activities are sanctioned by short, long or twofold presses of the S Pen’s catch.

The S Pen needs to be charged, which is done when housed inside in the telephone. Be that as it may, just 40 seconds of charge time will bank you around 30 minutes of backup battery, so I can’t conceive its little inside battery regularly coming up short on juice.

I additionally discovered its precision when taking notes or making delineations to be great, and it felt normal to use in my grasp, and the stylus’ capacity to take notes, comment on screengrabs and photographs, interpret remote content (you select the words with the S Pen on the screen), and send Live Messages, were truly helpful.

I likewise preferred the way that the telephone’s yellow S Pen (I’ve been exploring the Blue Ocean colourway, which comes the yellow stylus), which defaulted on the dark screen with yellow ink and emerged well.

By and large, at that point, the S Pen is a long way from a basic contrivance on the Note 9 and with the current year’s option of a Bluetooth association has included some perfect new usefulness that, trust it or not, you’ll likely wind up utilizing on an every day or if nothing else week by week premise.


The battery introduced in a year ago’s Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was, as we noted in our audit, a “generally little 3,300mAh” unit, which was much littler than the battery introduced on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, as well.

This prompted a not exactly excellent execution return on the great, 6.3-inch screen prepared Note 8, which requested power that its interior battery could extremely just convey just barely.

This was in all likelihood down to the disaster the South Korean creator had landed itself in the prior year with the Note 7.

So shouldn’t something be said about the Note 9? All things considered, fortunately the new Galaxy Note comes pressing an undeniably strong 4,000mAh battery, which not just feels more reasonable for a super-great leader telephone with huge 6.4-inch Super AMOLED screen, yet in addition unmistakably aggressive with its adversary gadgets, as well.

The Huawei P20 Pro, for instance, packs a 4,000mAh battery, and with gossipy tidbits about the approaching Huawei Mate 20 Pro swinging a much bigger battery than that, the Note 9 expected to contend in a similar ball stop.

What’s more, as should be obvious from the close-by boxout, when I ran the Note 9 through the GeekBench 4 battery test, the telephone proceeded a stopped a bigger score than a year ago’s entrance, rounding up 5,672 points up correlation with the Note 8’s 3,892.

I was certainly delighted to see the Note 9 posting a considerably more grounded score, as while it doesn’t approach the battery life ruler, the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 (an enormous score of 6,059), it is currently solidly eating at the best table, in a manner of speaking.

So, it is essential to take note of that GeekBench 4 restored a general certainty score of “Medium” as far as battery execution, however, and from my own genuine world, everyday utilization, my gut discloses to me that is right.

I feel the Note 9 conveys a battery that can for sure go the “throughout the day” encounter that is as a rule authoritatively touted by Samsung, and with medium blended use, as well. In any case, my time with the Note 9 has driven me to the end that except if you utilize the gadget daintily, you’ll once in a while have the capacity to easily broaden that over into day two.

This is certainly not a huge issue, similarly as it isn’t with most by far of cell phones, which like it or not, are still particularly secured a day by day energize cycle, be it at night or medium-term.

In any case, for a telephone that prides itself on pulling out all the stops in all things, and being a profitability powerhouse, as well, in a perfect world I would need to see a significantly bigger battery opened in the Note 9.

You do get both Fast Charging and Fast Wireless Charging abilities in the Note 9, however, so in any event refilling the telephone’s tank is a quick affair.

Proceeding onward to sound certifications, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes pressing an arrangement of AKG tuned stereo speakers (these are boisterous and offer somewhat more profundity of sound contrasted with the Note 8), Dolby Atmos sound help, an in-assembled equalizer alongside selectable UHQ upscaler and reverb-arific Concert Hall flip, and also the Adapt Sound framework found in the S9.

Flicking the switch enhances definition and lavishness over the soundscape

The Adapt Sound framework, for those new to the product, enables you to choose sound profiles dependent on your age, or make a specially customized profile by attempted a conference test (expects you to put on earphones).

We’ve seen a lot of different handsets as of late empowered with Dolby Atmos sound, including the Razer Phone, Nokia 6, iPhone X, and Huawei P20 Pro, among others, and as on them flicking the switch enhances definition and lavishness over the soundscape, regardless of whether the document isn’t encoded for Atmos.

Normally, for the full virtual encompass sound impacts that Atmos can convey, with 360-degree sound capacities, you do need to bolster it good media.

Messing around with the telephone’s equalizer additionally pays profits when exchanging between, say, tuning in to vocal-substantial webcasts and electronic music collections, and in the event that you have a versatile DAC (look at the best DAC 2018), you can get your audiophile on with hello there res or upscaled sound, as well.

By and large, at that point, I feel the Galaxy Note 9 does what’s necessary in the battery office without truly pushing the limits of battery life, and conveys a similar high caliber, audiophile-prepared sound playback as found on the S9 and a couple of other lead Android telephones.


Bixby’s back child! Also, beside as yet seeming like one of Bertie Wooster’s pals, it comes back to the Note 9 with its own committed, physical catch still in-propriety.

The Note 9’s Bixby catch is situated on the left hand side of the telephone under the volume rocker, with a solitary press opening the AI right hand’s home screen, where you can enter content directions, arrange settings, and go through its instructional exercises, and a long press taking you specifically to voice order input.

Giving you empower the alternative, Bixby can likewise be raised with a “Hello there, Bixby” voice order, which worked for me like 8-9 out of 10 times while on test. As previously, Bixby just perceives certain accents and vernaculars of US English, Korean, and Mandarin Chinese, however, so you are still blast up the creek without a paddle on the off chance that you need to speak in another dialect.

Samsung says Bixby is more astute and over and above anyone’s expectations, and it features improved usefulness than previously, for example, more noteworthy learning abilities that enable it to tailor its reactions and proposals for you better, (for example, which diners to prescribe dependent on your past inclinations).

Notwithstanding, I discovered Samsung’s AI right hand as inconsistent as ever when on test.

Numerous solicitations that I felt it is ready to deal with it didn’t enroll, or in the event that it registered them, some of the time it would do irregular things that weren’t especially helpful.

Asking, for instance, “Hello there Bixby, to what extent will it take me to return home today?” saw Bixby open The Weather Channel, while revealing “I couldn’t locate the particular climate condition you requested, here’s the general climate”.

Ask Google Assistant, which is additionally accessible on the Note 9, precisely the same inquiry, and inside a second a Google Maps box has opened with a period gauge to my home and a suggested course.

In addition, a portion of the further developed highlights that Samsung exhibited at the Note 9’s Galaxy Unpacked occasion, for example, the capacity for Bixby to arrange you a taxi are not yet bolstered, with Bixby returning me the blunder message: “Sorry, for the time being the capacity isn’t upheld.”

These confinements and irregularities, normally, make you lean towards utilizing Google Assistant. Nonetheless, Samsung still does not enable you to alter the Bixby catch, with the goal that you could utilize it to raise the more ground-breaking, utilitarian AI right hand.

Indeed, there are approaches to get round this by means of outsider applications, anyway that isn’t a perfect situation and truly I don’t feel you ought to avoid round something that appears as though it would be entirely direct for Samsung to settle.

Generally speaking, I feel in the event that you play to Bixby’s qualities, for example, opening center framework applications, sending messages, performing music seeks, setting updates, checking the climate, and raising Samsung’s very own product like Samsung Health, at that point you’ll get a truly strong and reliable experience on Note 9. In any case, stray outside of them, and you’ll rapidly find Bixby remains a work in advancement.

Hopefully those further developed highlights get added to Bixby soon.

The Note 9 runs Android 8.1 Oreo out of the crate and, as you would anticipate from a telephone turning out in the shadow of the looming Android 9 Pie dispatch, it runs like a without bug dream on the Note 9.

The Samsung Experience programming, which supplanted the rough and disliked Samsung TouchWiz from before Galaxy gadgets, has additionally achieved an inconceivably refined level on the Note 9, with it managing you consistently with valuable insights and pointers by they way you can explore the specific open and complex working framework on offer.

Consolidated, Android 8.1 Oreo, alongside Samsung Experience and security stage Samsung Knox, convey a quick, secure versatile and processing condition, which ideally might be added to as far as speed and security when the Note 9 gets its unavoidable Android 9 Pie refresh in a couple of months time.

The product collaborating the Note 9’s new S Pen computerized stylus additionally matches up flawlessly with Oreo. Separating the S Pen when the telephone is opened makes a devoted overlay show up with a customisable application wheel, enabling you to rapidly make a note, or run an application. I need to admit that I added Football Manager Mobile 2018 to this very quickly (genuinely, the S Pen is ideal for arranging your false 9 arrangement). What’s more, discussing gaming…

A key bit of gaming programming on the Note 9 is the dispatch selective Fortnite third-individual online PVP shooter by Epic Games.

Fortnite is playable now on the Note 9, and in addition other Galaxy gadgets from the Galaxy S7 and up, and I can affirm that it flaunts the gaming power bolted into the telephone exceptionally well, regardless of whether the introduce procedure to arrive is marginally toiled by a non-Play Store independent installer and patcher (I’d prescribe checking for updates before you go out every morning, as generally your information plan will be crushed).

The splendid and rough universe of Fortnite is well flaunted by the Note 9’s 6.4-inch Super AMOLED screen, which likewise gives you a lot of land to control your character precisely, and runs easily on the Snapdragon 845 CPU with 6GB of RAM combo.

This smooth execution was extended into other graphically great Android diversions, for example, Tekken, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, and DBZ Legends.

Presently look, by this point most lead Android telephones run these amusements well, so the Note 9 absolutely isn’t in its very own class or anything, yet with its dazzling, best telephone screen on the planet Super AMOLED show, alongside its noteworthy Dolby Atmos-toting sound, it unquestionably conveys a zero-bargain versatile gaming stage.


With the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 picture now completely distinguishable, I feel we are left with a gadget that is one of the simple best Android cell phones on the planet at the present time.

Furthermore, that is regardless of the Note 9 failing somewhat with Samsung’s crazy Bixby AI aide and simply aggressive, not champion battery.

The Note 9 appears to have finished a progress from profitability powerhouse for work-orientated, cell phone aficionados, into basically a telephone that exceeds expectations in all cases, conveying a bit of equipment that makes gaming, tuning in to music, and sitting in front of the TV and motion pictures, and in addition versatile figuring in the entirety of its structures, a no bargain involvement.

In that capacity, in the event that you can bear the cost of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s in fact high value point, I wholeheartedly prescribe it.


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