Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 review: the best router in the world


The Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 conveys executioner execution and an unparalleled, gamer-centered, UI and list of capabilities


The Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 Router conveys extremely focused range and speed, and in addition superb record exchange execution and an appropriately cutting edge plan that comes stacked with associations, as well. This switch isn’t only an equipment powerhouse however, with its interesting DumaOS interface enabling gamers to rapidly and essentially change each part of their association with balance out ping, decrease slack, and even guarantee quality nearby associations. Basically, it’s the best switch available today for gamers.

Motivations TO BUY


Simple to set up


Extraordinary range and speed


Gamer-accommodating DumaOS interface


Top of the line control highlights


It would appear that an advanced fly warrior

Motivations TO AVOID

Just double band


On the off chance that you need a prompt detract from this survey then this is it: the Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 is the best switch on the planet for gamers. On the off chance that you are a genuine gamer, needing an execution switch, and you have the money to ring it up, at that point you ought to just go out and purchase the XR500.

Measurements: 12.7×9.6×2.2 inches

Weight: 1.8 lbs

Class: AC2600

CPU: Dual-center 1.7GHz

Slam: 512MB

Streak memory: 256MB

Speed: 2,533 (800 + 1,733 Mbps)

Recurrence: Dual-band (2.4GH + 5GHz)

Standard: a/b/g/n/air conditioning

Radio wires: 4

Associations: 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x Gigabit WAN, 4 x Gigabit LAN

Highlights: MU-MIMO, Beamforming, Guest Wi-Fi, Parental

The Nighthawk accomplishes this through a magnificent blend of top of the line switch equipment and, considerably more significantly, a staggeringly ground-breaking and simple to utilize UI that takes into consideration essentially crazy levels of customisation, observing and association administration.

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The outcome is a switch that will very likely lessen slack and settle ping for its client while gaming, be that through a present age comfort like the Xbox One X, or by means of PC. It is likewise a switch that is more than equipped for sitting comfortable heart of a home system, as well, with completely zero boundary as far as setup simplicity and task, and additionally observing and administration.

Indeed, you can get comparable execution as far as range and speed from some other, more affordable switches, however to gamers its gaming-particular highlights and programming truly do make it the best-in-class suggestion.

To get the full picture and discover why, read on. Before we get to the full audit appropriate, however, you should watch the XR500’s publicity filled authority early on record for an outline of its key qualities and highlights:


Remove the XR500 from the container and the main thing you see is its super low profile and advanced plan. Radio wires expelled, which is the means by which this Nighthawk comes at first, the switch measures in at only 2.2-creeps in tallness. It would appear that a star warrior from one of the shooters you played during the 1990s, with a progression of sharp points and rugged vents imparting plainly this isn’t typical switch.

It would appear that a star contender from one of the shooters you played during the 1990s

The Pro Gaming’s radio wires come stowed independently and thumb-screw on to the body, with two connected to the back and one on each side. Because of rotational capacity around the association focuses, and a pivot at the base of every reception apparatus, on the off chance that you had constrained vertical freedom around switch then these can be collapsed in minimally, be that as it may, the ideal introduction for range and speed is appeared in the above picture.

As far as lighting and association format, you get a V-molded cluster of rectangular LED’s on the front which detail movement on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz groups, visitor Wi-Fi, general web accessibility, also nearness of physical associations, while on the highest point of the switch you get a prop of catches to turn Wi-Fi on and off, and in addition to start a WPS association.


Move around the back of the Netgear Nighthhawk Pro Gaming XR500 Router and, before you arrive, you discover a support of USB 3.0 ports tucked into a break. These associations make sharing documents, or support them up once shared by means of Netgear’s incorporated ReadySHARE Vault application, direct and as the USB ports are not covered on the back swapping stockpiling in and out is simple.

At the back you locate a perfect and straightforward choice of ports, switches and catches. DC in and the switch’s capacity catch are trailed by an uplink and four Gigabit LAN ports. A reset opening and change to execute all LED light movement finish the bundle.

Establishment of the XR500 was exceptionally clear, with the aggregate time from me getting it out of the case in my home to the switch being up and running a little more than 10 minutes, and I was into the switch’s DumaOS UI and tinkering inside 15.

Furthermore, with the Nighthawk XR500 set up and associated with my Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, PC, and Samsung 4K HDR Smart TV, and also associated with the horde of other Wi-Fi-empowered equipment around my home (both specifically and by means of a Negear EX8000 extender) I am upbeat to report that I was extremely awed with the XR500’s equipment execution.

As I live in Bath, England, a city that has an extremely remarkable legacy regarding what structures are developed from (they are altogether constructed to a great extent from “Shower Stone” to keep up its Georgian stylish), range and association quality has dependably been a major test for me, particularly when figuring in rooms on the second floor or in the upper room.

With the XR500 however I truly had no issue capitalizing on my 235MB down Virgin media association, with download speeds surprisingly quick and stable (downloading the Fifa 18 6.2GB World Cup refresh took only minutes), web based gaming sessions a continuous happiness, and document exchange starting with one gadget then onto the next staggeringly quick (particularly over an un-intruded on short range). The 2.6Gbps Wi-Fi abilities of this switch are el fuego!

The XR500 totally smoked it as far as both speed and range

What extremely inspired me most however, and to be straightforward amazed me somewhat too, was the XR500’s 2.4GHz execution over the medium to long range. I was fit for associating with the Nighthawk from a PS4 Slim in my examination on the second floor of my home, which is on the contrary side and furthermore through a thick stone divider and various pits, and still hold a strong association and 33% of short proximity speed.

Also, when I directed the XR500 through the EX8000 extender (pay special mind to a different survey on this soon), I could convey this range and speed quality into my upper room, which is spread out as a recreations room loaded up with a PS3, Xbox 360 and another gaming PC, and also a determination of other Wi-Fi-empowered tech (as should be obvious, I am an entirely genuine gamer).

From my testing period I saw that the 5GHz association appeared to be not as solid as the 2.4GHz as far as execution over the medium to long range, in any case, when contrasted with the more seasoned double band Netgear switch I was utilizing before it the XR500 completely smoked it regarding both speed and range crosswise over the two groups.

Basically, regarding equipment the XR500 is up there at the best end of the execution graphs – notwithstanding, for me that is just a single piece of why this switch scores so well.


Furthermore, that is on account of the genuine star of the XR500 bundle is its work in DumaOS UI which, with me unfit to stay away from the official deal tag, truly is “the switch programming of things to come”. Netgear has sagaciously banded together with NetDuma here to bring the best in class OS to the XR500 equipment and the outcomes are basically marvelous.

Through the DumaOS, which essentially expects you to visit on your home system and sign in with a username and secret word, a procedure that takes 10 seconds, you get allowed access to examination and apparatuses that are staggeringly far reaching, as well as specifically intended for gaming and fantastically simple to utilize.

Gone are the times of a confuse of specialized language and an ambush of numbers and menus on an obvious white foundation, and in is a UI that showcases data about the switch, your home system, and amusement related information in an unmistakable arrangement of justifiable and effortlessly tweakable visuals and choices.

For instance, through the DumaOS you can get to and deal with its in-assembled Geo Filter, which is shown – as bodes well when you consider it – by means of a guide of the world, and by basically making profiles for equipment or particular titles you can settle gaming slack issues by constraining separation to specific servers or different players. Choosing the separation, making boycotts or whitelists, setting profiles and more is altogether accomplished through a couple of catch snaps or slider hauls.

Somewhere else, you can organize gaming gadgets by distributing to them an extent of your general transmission capacity however the DumaOS’s Bandwidth Allocation menu. This is an especially accommodating device on the off chance that you run a swarmed system, with numerous relatives intensely eating in to your transmission capacity, or on the off chance that you have a tendency to experience the ill effects of your supplier, implying that you can successfully secure the data transfer capacity essential for you to keep up a steady, brilliant gaming association regardless of what else occurs.

You can adequately secure the data transmission for a steady, fantastic gaming association

What’s more, once more, the DumaOS makes doling out this transfer speed assignment (both download and transfer as you wish) amazingly straightforward. Every gadget on your system is recorded on shaded haggle choosing its air pocket and hauling it from the middle to the furthest point, you can allot a level of your data transmission just to that (from 0-100). Along these lines, for instance, on the off chance that you realize that your accomplice will be gushing 4K HDR motion pictures unavoidably, at that point you can ensure your gaming gadget of decision has a data transfer capacity wellbeing support heretofore.

DumaOS additionally gives you a chance to watch out for constant data transfer capacity use with its Internet Utilization Monitor, again with data showed by means of shaded pie-diagrams and reference charts. This rapidly and essentially gives you a chance to see which gadgets are hoovering up the entirety of your transfer speed and, accordingly, Sherlock Holmes which one might cause slack or backing off your internet amusement.

Toss in the way that you can likewise customize your very own XR500 dashboard in DumaOS to get your most utilized or usable information and parameters on a solitary screen, with no menu jumping essential, and you can begin to see exactly how amusement changing and exceedingly useable this product is. It truly raises the general systems administration encounter and, in an ideal fit for the Nighthawk XR500, does as such with a gaming center.


I trust it is clear from this audit I truly rate the Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 Router. What’s more, while this certainly is a result of its best end equipment and execution, and in addition its cutting edge configuration (I’m as yet a kid on a fundamental level), the genuine X-factor is the switch’s super ground-breaking and gamer-accommodating DumaOS UI, which I feel truly adds a phenomenal level of association control and administration for the individuals who are not organizing maestros.

The way that I had the XR500 set up inside 10 minutes and was then investigating and tweaking different things through DumaOS with 15, without any issues or WTF minutes, truly addresses the quality bundle the Nighthawk Pro Gaming conveys and, basically, it truly is generally welcome.

In the event that you can ring it up then it is inconceivably simple to prescribe

Indeed, as I made reference to above, there are a couple of other super top of the line switches that can likely offer a superior by and large range or 5GHz band execution, and you can most unquestionably get a tri-band switch for not exactly the Nighthawk Pro Gaming, yet none of them convey the fantastic gamer-particular bundle that the XR500 does at the present time, and that makes it remarkable suggestion. But a one of a kind suggestion that includes some significant downfalls…

Would I purchase the XR500? All things considered, as an author most likely not because of its certainly high cost, notwithstanding, from a specialized perspective I truly can’t thump it and in the event that you can ring it up then it is staggeringly simple to suggest in the event that you are at present in the market for a high-class gaming switch.

For more data about the Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 Router at that point visit its official website page.



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