Microsoft Surface Book 2 review: the most powerful laptop-tablet


The Surface Book has returned to lead over the 2-in-1 workstation showcase with a brilliant clench hand


The Surface Book 2 is, by far, the most intense and skilled 2-in-1 PC on the planet at the present time, offering insane levels of execution in all applications. No doubt about it, however, to make the most of its capacity you need a genuinely extensive spending plan to play with.

Motivations TO BUY


Greatly ground-breaking for a 2-in-1


Battery life is phenomenal


Lightweight regardless of size and spec


Screen is heavenly


Can play present day AAA diversions at high settings

Motivations TO AVOID

Surface Pen is excluded

Dreary dim wrap up

Speakers are so-so

We preferred the first Surface Book on survey here at We cherished its adaptability and do-anything capacities – it was simply so great and premium that, notwithstanding a couple of minor issues, it was not difficult to wholeheartedly suggest.

What’s more, here, with the new Surface Book 2, nothing has changed.

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CPU: 1.9GHz Intel Core i7-8650U (quad-center, 8MB reserve, up to 4.2GHz with Turbo Boost)

Illustrations: Intel UHD Graphics 620; Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 (6GB GDDR5 VRAM)

Smash: 16GB LPDDR3 (1866Mhz)

Screen: 15-inch, 3,240 x 2,160 (260 ppi) PixelSense show (3:2 perspective proportion; 1600:1 complexity proportion)

Capacity: 512 GB PCIe 3.0 SSD

Ports: 2 x USB 3.1, 1 x USB 3.1 Type-C, 2 x Surface Connect, SD card peruser, 3.5mm sound jack

Network: 802.11ac 2 x 2 MIMO Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, Xbox Wireless

Camera: Windows 8MP back confronting self-adjust camera (1080p), 5MP forward looking Hello confront confirmation camera (1080p HD)

Weight: 4.2 pounds (1.9kg) with console base

Estimate: 13.5 x 9.87 x 0.568 ~ 0.90 inches (343 x 251 x 15 ~ 23mm; W x D x H)

The Surface Book 2 is a basically magnificent 2-in-1, mixture PC. Its capacity is unmatched by whatever else in its class, its manufacture quality is top notch, and the quality and exactness of its expanded 15-inch touchscreen top draw.

Its value, sitting in the £2,300-£2,500 area, is additionally inconceivably high however. What’s more, with the first Surface Book presently retailing for about an amazing less, alongside the beginning at sub-£800 new Surface Pro, the value hole it creates is more set apart than any other time in recent memory.

Notwithstanding, as we will see, the hole the Surface Book 2 makes as far as benchmark scores and execution when contrasted with the opposition is likewise checked, making it an exceptionally interesting recommendation. To check whether it is the correct framework for you at that point read on.

Before we get to the audit legitimate, in any case, why not get some promotion with the authority Microsoft Surface Book 2 divulge trailer:


The Surface Book 2 looks precisely like the first Surface Book, simply greater. The new 15-inch frame factor implies extending has occurred all over the place, including the special support pivot, which remains rather articulated.

We’re as yet not exactly beyond any doubt how we feel about the support pivot – it is without a doubt all around built and it does what it is intended to well, be that as it may, the look still partitions conclusion and – in its engorged frame factor – makes the V-molded, not-flush screen-base unit situating when shut significantly more recognizable.

Appending and withdrawing the Surface Book 2’s screen stays as direct as on the past model. An isolate catch is situated to one side of the erase catch at the console’s upper right corner. Press this for a second and the screen is discharged from the support pivot, with a capable of being heard de-click heard and a warning on the presentation saying it is “Prepared to Detach”.

Starting here the screen can be basically lifted out of the pivot. The tablet will then inquire as to whether you need to enter Window 10’s tablet mode, or remain in work area mode.

The Surface Book 2’s screen would then be able to be utilized as an exceptionally vast and intense tablet.

When you need to restore the screen to the console pressing base station, you essentially opening the tablet once again into the support pivot and, in the event that you have entered tablet mode, the framework at that point inquires as to whether you need to leave tablet mode (you can likewise set this to happen naturally).

Regarding complete, a similar matte dim shading plan controls the perch. We realize that it is proficient and nonpartisan, yet we simply don’t think it imparts premium framework exceptionally well. Obviously, magnificence lies subjective depending on each person’s preferences, so you may become hopelessly enamored with the structure, in any case, for us we feel Microsoft has kept on playing it excessively safe with the Surface Book 2.


As spread out in specialized clearness in the above specs boxout, Microsoft might not have rolled out numerous improvements to the Surface Book 2’s structure, however it has enormously redesigned the framework’s inside segments.

For instance, the 1GB GeForce 940M GPU of the first Surface Book has had rockets lashed to its feet and detonated in catalyst to the Surface Book 2’s 6GB GeForce GTX 1060. This is a genuinely legitimate gaming GPU and, as we will see, it offers genuine gaming execution.

Somewhere else, the maximum specced Intel Skylake i7-6600U double center processor of the first framework, is presently lifted to the quad-center Coffee Lake Intel Core i7-8650U. This prompts a blisteringly quick broad client encounter on the Surface Book 2 and, in association with framework’s 16GB of RAM, implies genuine photograph and video altering abilities.

Without a doubt, a Geekbench 4 CPU multi-center benchmark of 13,376 and an OpenCL score of 123,942 demonstrates to you that the inward equipment in the Surface Book 2 can actually deal with anything you could attainably toss at it on an everyday premise and it would simply smash it. Truly, it would take the most requesting 8K video altering ventures to begin to inconvenience this half and half.

As far as capacity you’re additionally all around provided food for. Our testing unit accompanied a 512 GB SSD and, well, we feel that is all that could possibly be needed space to go ahead with in a 2-in-1 cross breed. Regardless of whether you stacked it with a heap of AAA diversions, a bundle of 4K motion pictures and TV appears, organizers brimming with enormous PhotoShop or Illustrator records, a substantial music gathering and the sky is the limit from there, despite everything you’ll have some space to save.

In addition, on the off chance that you do feel like you require more space, at that point the new 15-inch Surface Book 2 can be equipped with up to a 1TB SSD, and that is before you much think about outer capacity choices.


A half and half 2-in-1 PC pressing a GeForce GTX 1060 (6GB) alongside the previously mentioned Intel Core i7-8650U and 16GB of 1866Mhz RAM implied we were super enthused to perceive how the Surface Book 2 took care of 3DMark’s gaming benchmarks.

As should be obvious from the adjacent boxout, the Surface Book 2 posted some notable (for a 2-in-1 half and half workstation) scores, with the framework notwithstanding taking care of the DirectX 12 Time Spy test well.

We at that point tossed a prop of present day AAA titles at the Surface Book 2 as Rise of the Tomb Raider and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus.

Ascent of the Tomb Raider posted a solid benchmark of 27.15 casings for each second with graphical settings set to high at a goals of 3240 x 2160, playing reliably easily in-diversion, as well.

Similarly, we could maximize the offered goals in Wolfenstein 2, a 16:9 viewpoint proportion and goals of 2048 x 1152, and also set the amusement’s video quality profile to the largest amount it would go, which is fittingly called “Mein leben!”.

Playing Wolfenstein 2 was a no-bother bliss with these ultra settings chose, with the development and gunplay rich smooth and the earth point by point and stick sharp. Similarly, smoke, flashes and other molecule impacts prompted zero log jam amid our play sessions.

Most would agree that, as a framework to play diversions, the Surface Book 2 is more than competent.

A little proviso to note here, however, is that the framework’s GeForce GTX 1060 is just empowered when on mains control, so don’t expect anyplace close to a similar execution playing on battery. For most easygoing amusement applications the on-board Intel UHD Graphics 620 chip ought to be more than sufficient, personality.

Also, while we’re regarding the matter of the framework’s battery, we thought that it was extremely great from our testing period, enduring more than seven hours in our battery test. This is in all likelihood obligingness of the additional space accessible in the new 15-inch skeleton, yet considering that the figure is going on twice that of the first, unquestionably is a major enhancement.


On the off chance that cash is no protest and you are searching for a 2-in-1 mixture, at that point simply go and purchase a Surface Book 2. It truly is that straightforward.

The Surface Book 2 does everything some other 2-in-1 half and half can do, yet a whole lot better. From going about as a great PC for altering photographs and recordings, and also broad processing use, it essentially exceeds expectations.

For playing the most requesting AAA PC recreations, for example, Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus and Rise of the Tomb Raider, it is likewise unimaginably skilled. Indeed, beyond any doubt, it isn’t state at indistinguishable level of gaming power from a similarly estimated gaming workstation, for example, the Asus ROG Zephyrus, however with that GeForce 1060 6GB illustrations card tucked into its body the Surface Book 2 can without much of a stretch play any present AAA title easily and with high settings, as verified by its benchmark scores (see above boxout).

As an inventive instrument, giving you’re cheerful to pay another £100 for the Surface Pen, at that point you are additionally fantastically well set, because of the nature of the screen, the lavishness of its shading multiplication, and fresh 3,240 x 2,160 goals. Truly, the screen is completely rich.

In the event that cash is an issue, however, at that point you should think about the original Surface Book or the new Surface Pro as a superior, more relevant choice. We think this is particularly valid for clients who aren’t whined about playing PC amusements.

The way things are however, separated from its monetary effect on the wallet, there’s basically nothing else that can contend with the Surface Book 2 and it’s anything but difficult to prescribe on the off chance that you are shopping at the superior end of the 2-in-1 cross breed workstation showcase.

For more data about the Surface Book 2 then you can visit its official page.



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