38 Social media and email tools for SEO

38 Social media and Email tools for SEO

Web-based social networking promoting has been around for some time, and it’s become a demonstrated device for expanding traffic and creating new leads. Joining web-based social networking, for example, Facebook and Twitter into one’s business advancement methodology is an outright should for any business nowadays. 92 percent of advertisers proclaimed that internet based life was significant for their business, and 77 percent of them expressed that their web based life endeavors expanded traffic to their locales, as indicated by Social Media Examiner inquire about.
Here are best 38 Social media and email tools for SEO you can use to enhance your website traffic and increase revenue.

  1. Buffer
    Allows you to schedule posts to major social networks ahead of time
  2. Get Listed
    Displays local business accounts that your company can easily obtain and/or does not currently have
  3. Alternion
    Links all of your social media and email accounts, displaying them all in one place.
  4. TweetDeck
    Manage multiple social media accounts and monitor interactions on Twitter
  5. Hootsuite
    Manage your social media presence across multiple accounts and schedule posts
  6. Google SERPs Social Media Power
    Analyze social media power of the domains ranked on SERPs
  7. SharedCount
    Check the number of social shares a certain URL has received
  8. Social Media Count
    Checks a link for how many social shares it has across several different channels
  9. Author Backlink Crawler
    Checks authorship of a URLs backlinks and displays how prominent those authors are
  10. Youtube Reputation Checker
    Checks your brand name for Youtube videos and shows you videos, views, and ratings
  11. Social Mention
    Discover social mentions about a given URL
  12. Counting Tweets
    Display the number of tweets a certain page has received
  13. Pinalytics
    Displays stats behind pinterest pins as well as its influence across other social media channels
  14. Twitter Feed
    Feed your blog or RSS feed directly to your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn profile
  15. com
    Find a relevant subreddit to share your content
  16. Twellow
    Find industry leaders and other Twitter users according to category
  17. Twitter Counter
    Get basic Twitter stats on you and your followers
  18. Blog Social Analyzer
    Input your blog’s RSS feed and it will return every blog post with how many social shares each one has
  19. Facebook Page Insights
    Insights on your audience and analytics on their interactions
  20. followerwonk
    Multiple tools for Twitter like bio search, user analysis, and analytics
  21. CircleCount
    Provides insights on Google+ accounts
  22. Social Crawlytics
    Provides social metrics for you and your competitors
  23. Social Media Image Resizer
    Resizes your images to be optimized for vairous social media accounts
  24. Topsy
    Search tweets for links, photos, videos and keywords and see how that topic is trending over time
  25. backtweets
    Searches for links on twitter
  26. Tweriod
    Tells you when your tweets will receive the most exposure
  27. Social Media Analyzer and Tracker
    View statistics for your various social media shares and have them tracked over time
  1. Banana Tag
    Allows you to track emails, get open email notifications, and provides analytics on your sent emails.
  2. Peepmail
    Email finder for common contacts online
  3. Boomerang
    Email scheduling and followup for quick responses
  4. Ontolo’s Prospect Filter
    Filters previously already approached contacts from new prospect lists
  5. Outreachr
    Finds a list of websites and contacts according to what keywords you select
  6. me Email Guesser
    Guesses email addresses and matches them to Rapportive in Gmail
  7. Email Research Tool
    Input the name and company of an individual and it will provide several search queries for finding their email address
  8. Rapportive
    Shows additional information about a contact from their email address right in gmail
  9. Email Format
    Shows probable email address formats for large websites and companies
  10. MailTester
    Validates if email address exists or not

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